Consignment Release Permit (ZDLM) service enables you to obtain an approval for the release of a food consignment imported through Dubai or transferred from other emirates ports for local consumption.

Food Import & Re-Export activities are considered among the most vital and important activities for Dubai economy and constitute evident symbols of its progress and prosperity.

Dubai has become the international hub of trade in the Middle East, especially with regards to the trading of food with substantial quantities imported and exported through its ports each year. Such high volume of trade could not be controlled without establishing proper food control procedures enforced by and active, efficient & effective food control authority. This authority aims at guaranteeing the safety and quality of imported & re- exported food, while ensuring simple & prompt procedures and transactions to facilitate food trade.

Since the establishment of Consignment Release Permit (ZDLM), Dubai Municipality has always been keen on upgrading its control authorities to cope with the development of the Emirate. To achieve this goal, the Municipality has capitalized on its valuable potentials – in terms of staff & technologies – and utilized its tremendous, accumulated experience to lead the region in this regard. This has resulted in establishing a department which is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the consumer through applying the most suitable standards and specification with the goal of providing safe and wholesome food.

The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality is pleased to publish this booklet to help food traders understand the regulations, guidelines, and procedures of importing and re-exporting foods in the Emirate of Dubai to ensure timely transactions and avoid any costly delays or losses.

Please accept The Infinite Service commitment to provide the best services and we wish you success and continued prosperity.

To keep up its pace with the Emirate’s electronic developments, Dubai Municipality has been the spearhead in adopting the most innovative electronic programs and services at all departments. Food Import Re-Export System (FIRS) is considered the most important and the biggest electronic service provided by Dubai Municipality and is among the best programs of its nature around the world. Some of the attributes of this system are indicated below:

It covers all services provided by the Food Trade Control Section of the Food Control Department. Such services include importing foods, importing foods for re-export, food label approval, issuing all kinds of health certificates, food destruction application and issuing of their certificates. This is in addition to displaying all circulars and information to food traders, all food establishments, and other internal & external clients.

The possibility of submitting applications from anywhere in the world, in addition to performing all kinds of follow ups and submission of attachments.

The system registers all food items and linking food product information to its barcode.

The program is fully electronic: starting with approval & registration of food items, food importation, food inspection, performing follow ups, till closing the transaction.

All fees can be paid electronically.

It includes an advanced food sampling system which is based on analyzing the risk of each food item, while ensuring complete integration with the electronic program of DM Food & Environment Laboratory. This guarantees prompt and correct laboratory results for the collected food samples.


  • Bill of entry issued by Dubai Customs.
  • Delivery order – only for containers.
  • Original health certificate for the consignment, issued by a governmental health authority in the country of origin, Or copy of the health certificate or the health certificate number if it is electronically issued to be able to verify the validity of its issuance.
  • Halal certificate or original Halal certificate (for consignments of meat, poultry and derivatives) issued by an Islamic authority in the country of origin and approved by UAE authorities.
  • Any other certificates required by the Food Control Department, as a result of any emerging global developments or according to local decisions, such as:
    • Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) certificate.
    • Free of Avian Flu certificate.
    • Free of Dioxin certificate.
    • Free of heavy metals (such as nitrofurans and Malachite Green) certificate.
    • Certificate of feeding a diet devoid of fishmeal.
    • Certificate of proof for organic food products issued by entities recognized by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, etc.
    • Free of radiation certificate, from some countries.
    • Health, nutrition, or other certificates when necessary (accepted only if issued by recognized and accredited international scientific entities).

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