Dietary Supplement Packaging Regulations in UAE

In the constantly changing world of dietary supplements, companies need to know and follow the rules that are in place. This is especially true in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where there are strict rules about how vitamins must be packaged. This piece will talk about the rules for packaging dietary supplements in the UAE. This will help businesses that are trying to figure out how to work in this complicated situation.

Understanding the UAE’s Regulatory Authority

Before getting into the details of how dietary supplements must be packaged, it’s important to know who in the UAE is in charge of regulating this business. The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) is very important when it comes to setting and enforcing standards for dietary supplements and other products.

ESMA’s Role in Dietary Supplement Regulations

The main job of ESMA is to make sure that items on the UAE market are safe and of good quality. They do this through strict testing, reviews, and the use of standards that are in line with best practices around the world. They are in charge of dietary supplements, and companies that want to sell their goods in the UAE must follow their rules.

Labeling Requirements

Labeling is a big part of how dietary supplement packaging rules work. The UAE government has strict rules about what information must be on the labels of supplements. Here are some important rules:

1. Clear Product Identification

Dietary supplement packaging must prominently display the product’s name, ensuring it’s easily recognizable by consumers.

2. Ingredient List

An exhaustive list of all ingredients used in the supplement, including any additives or preservatives, must be included on the label.

3. Nutritional Information

Precise nutritional information, such as serving size, calories, and the amount of each nutrient, must be clearly stated.

4. Allergen Information

Any known allergens present in the supplement should be highlighted to protect consumers with allergies.

Packaging Design and Materials

Beyond the content of the label, the actual packaging design and materials used must also meet specific criteria:

5. Tamper-Evident Packaging

Dietary supplements must be sealed with tamper-evident packaging to ensure the product’s integrity.

6. Child-Resistant Containers

To prevent accidental ingestion by children, certain dietary supplements require child-resistant packaging.

Language Requirements

Dietary supplement labels must be written in both Arabic and English because the UAE is a diverse country. This makes sure that people who speak different languages can get important product information.

Compliance and Testing

Dietary supplements must go through a lot of tests to make sure they meet the rules. These tests look at things like how pure the product is, how well it works, and how good it is generally. To get into the market in the UAE, you must meet these guidelines.

Final Words

To figure out how to deal with UAE rules about the packaging of food supplements, you need to know what ESMA wants. Compliance is the key to success in this rich market. This includes things like clear labels and packaging, as well as information in both English and Spanish.


Are dietary supplements regulated in the UAE?

Yes, dietary supplements are regulated by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) in the UAE.

What information must be included on dietary supplement labels?

Dietary supplement labels should include the product’s name, ingredient list, nutritional information, and allergen information.

Why is tamper-evident packaging important for dietary supplements?

Tamper-evident packaging ensures the integrity of the product and protects consumers from potential tampering.

Is bilingual labeling mandatory for dietary supplements in the UAE?

Yes, dietary supplement labels must be provided in both Arabic and English to cater to the diverse population in the UAE.

What role does ESMA play in dietary supplement regulations?

ESMA sets and enforces standards to ensure the safety and quality of dietary supplements in the UAE market.

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