Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

The main purpose of Product Registration is consumer safety. Dubai municipality is regulatory to hold adequate information to evaluate the safety of products. If the product meets the guidelines set by Dubai Municipality you will receive a product registration certificate once it is approved or registered. Make a note that every product must be registered in Dubai municipality before placing on the market. Even if the products are imported products for re-export purposes.

Category Of Product Registration In Dubai Municipality

Why Product Registration is mandatory in UAE?

  • Products Registration is necessary as each product which will be imported in UAE for local trading should be registered in any emirates municipality or concern authority and get a registration certificate that will be required at the time of shipment clearing.
  • The Products Registration process ensures that each consumer product has all the necessary information on its label, which helps the customer to get clear info on what he or she is buying.
  • Products Registration process insure consumer safety by analyzing each consumer product ingredients report. This process checks the availability of any substance that may be harmful to the human body. On other hand this process highlight restricted or not suitable ingredient for human use. This type of product will be rejected or will be asked for some correction as a remark during the process..

The Registration Regulation In UAE

The UAE Government standardizes the manufacture, sale and importation of consumer products by requiring that all consumer products to be registered prior to placing in the UAE market; as well as by regulating the individuals to get a proper license in the UAE related to consumer products.

Validity Of Product Registration

The validity of a consumer product registration is for 5 years.

Time Frame  22 days.

How to register products in Dubai municipality?

  1. Need a UAE based trading license.

    To register a product with Dubai Municipality, first requirement is a UAE based company with trading or general trading activity.

  2. Register the company with DM Portal.

    in this step you have to register your company with Dubai Municipality (DM) Portal to access online services.

  3. Create application for product registration.

    Create online application in DM portal with required information of the product and upload the list of documents as per Dubai Municipality guideline.

  4. Submit the application and make payment

    Once all documents are uploaded and everything is set submit the application and make the payment and wait for the response.


The smart App of Dubai Municipality, Montaji has been witnessing widespread demand by users and specialized companies during these days. The application, a platform for consumer products registered and approved by the Municipality, enables customers whether they are individuals or companies to verify the product’s health and safety according to the Municipality’s requirements.

Various types of products such as cosmetics, personal care products, perfumes, health supplements, detergents, antibacterial products, food contact materials and many more can be verified by scanning the product barcode or entering its number or name through the application.

The number of Montaji users has increased tremendously in one month as more than 20,000 users have downloaded the smart app. The total number of products registered in the antibacterial and sterilizing category has reached 2500, an increase of 30% over the last three months. The number of companies registered in the system has also been increased. During the month of March only 216 companies specialized in sterilizing products have registered in the Montaji system and the Municipality evaluated 735 antibacterial products for professional and personal use within a month.

The Montaji App is easy to use and browse and allows users to learn many information about various products, such as the product’s brand name, its components, specifications, country of origin, and other information for many products.