• Products Registration is necessary as each product which will be imported in Dubai for local trading should be registered in Dubai Municipality and get a registration certificate that will be required at the time of shipment clearing.
  • The Products Registration process ensures that each cosmetic product has all the necessary information on its label, which helps the customer to get clear understanding on what he or she is buying.
  • The Products Registration process helps Dubai municipality to check the products entering into Dubai for the availability of any substance that may be harmful to the human body, or that which is restricted, or not suitable for human use. This type of product will be rejected or will raise a remark from DM.
  • The Dubai Government standardizes the manufacture, sale and importation of cosmetic products by requiring that all cosmetic products need to be registered, prior to placing them in the Dubai market; as well as by regulating the individuals, to get a proper license in Dubai related to cosmetics products.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), cosmetic products need to be registered with the Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department (HS-D) before they can be sold and distributed in the market. The registration process is intended to ensure that all cosmetic products are safe for human use and meet the standards set by the government.

Here is an overview of the cosmetic product registration process in Dubai:

  1. Determine the regulatory category: Cosmetic products are divided into different categories based on their risk level. The categories include low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk products. The regulatory category of a cosmetic product is determined by its ingredients, usage, and intended target audience.

  2. Prepare the required documents: The following documents are required for cosmetic product registration in Dubai:

  • Product image (PDF).
  • Product artwork (PDF).
  • Free Sale Certificate.
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Company license. 
  1. Submit the application: Once you have prepared the necessary documents, you can submit your application for cosmetic product registration to the HS-D. The application form can be downloaded from the HS-D website. You need to fill in the required information and attach the supporting documents.

  2. Wait for the evaluation: The HS-D will evaluate your application and may ask for additional information or clarification if needed. They will also conduct a safety assessment of your product to ensure that it meets the safety standards set by the government.

  3. Receive the registration certificate: If your application is approved, you will receive a cosmetic product registration certificate from the HS-D. This certificate is valid for five years and can be renewed upon expiry.

  4. Post-market surveillance: Once your product is registered, you are required to comply with the post-market surveillance requirements set by the HS-D. This includes reporting any adverse effects, changes in the product formulation or labeling, and complying with any recall or corrective actions if required.

In summary, registering cosmetic products in Dubai requires preparation of several documents and complying with safety and regulatory requirements set by the government. It is important to follow the regulations and standards to ensure the safety of your product and avoid any legal issues.


  • In order to trade any Cosmetics Product in the local UAE market, it is mandatory to register each product under the Dubai Municipality.
  • The main purpose of the Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai Municipality is consumer safety; this process requires adequate information to evaluate the safety of products.
  • It is compulsory that, the cosmetic product will not be imported, exported, sold or distributed in Dubai without registration in Dubai Municipality regulation.
  • The process will ensure the safety of the consumer, enabling to help understand the purpose of the product, with standard label guidelines, to be followed during the assessment procedure.
  • If the product meets the guidelines set by Dubai Municipality, you will receive a product registration certificate, once it is approved or registered. Even if the products are imported for re-export purposes.


Who can do Cosmetic Product Registration with Dubai Municipality?

  •  Local Manufacturers
    The companies that manufacture food, cosmetics or any other products within the UAE are required to register their products with Dubai Municipality. The local manufacturers must approach the Consumer Products Safety Section to make sure their products are properly registered. The representatives of the company are advised to ensure that their products have received proper certifications before the goods enter the UAE market.
  •  Importers of Products
    The companies that manufacture product in overseas markets are required to register with Dubai Municipality for importing into the Dubai market. It is mandatory for the representatives of the company to ensure that the products are properly registered before the consignment reaches Dubai, UAE.

How much does it cost to register a cosmetic product in Dubai Municipality?

Dubai Municipality will charge AED 10 as an application fee and once the product is approved you can download approval certificate with an additional fee of AED 220

What are the requirement to register cosmetic product?

Documents required for cosmetic product registration in Dubai are:

  • A Clear Picture of Product.
  • A Clear Artwork of Product.
  • Free Sale Certificate.
  • Ingredients Report.
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • GMP Certificate.

How long does it take to complete cosmetics Product Registration?

Once we have received the complete list of required documents and information process for DM Product Registration takes around 22 working days for the cosmetics to process the application and to obtain the registration certificate.
If the product requires laboratory testing, then then it will take additional 7 working days.
The approval of the product registration is subject to Dubai Municipality authority. The processes can change and there can be delays within the DM processing system. PPG will keep the client always updated to ensure timely processing of the product registrations.

What is Considered a Cosmetic Product in Dubai?

cosmetic product is considered to be any substance or composition intended to be placed in contact with the various outer parts of the human body. This includes the epidermis, hair system, nails, lips, and external genital organs. This also includes the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a view entirely or mainly to cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their presence and/or correcting body odors and/or protecting them or keeping them in good condition.